Wind Tunnel Game (AS3)

Exploring the use of physics engines, external controllers, third party data and design patterns.

To demo the game you will need to install adobe air on an android device. Make sure that the device is on the same connection as this website and shake the device to connect.

This game pulls in real-time weather data at run-time and uses this to control the physics engine, which in turn battles against the Adobe Air GamePad controls (utilized through the android device).

check out the code here on GitHub

Interavtive webcam filter (Processing)

Manipulating the webcam feed through sound

When you run this sketch, a random song plays and colours from your webcam are distorted by the sound. The user can manually change the box size on screen (change the amount of boxes the video is made up of).

check out the code here on GitHub

Circles (Processing)

Spawning and changing circles

A simple first attempt at processing. Circles are dynamically drawn and spawned, moving the mouse changes the colour of the circles based on mouse's distance.

check out the code here on GitHub


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