Resource Scheduler (Angular, Firebase)

"A Resource Management Web Application for Scheduling Multiple Varying Resources"

Created as part of my final year project for BSc (Hons) in Creative Multimedia. Development in self-taught Angular 5.

A work in progress - Find put more about the project and check out the code here on GitHub

See the live demo here

Shopping Cart (PHP, SQL)

An e-commerce style shopping cart project allowing users to create an account, add items to their cart and checkout.

This project focuses on storing all data in the database, dynamically generating and updating the page and using sessions to track the users progress throughout the website.

Demo here

CV Builder (PHP)

An online CV building tool

The CV builder allows users to enter all details and outputs their CV as a styled PDF for download or online viewing. This project focuses on storing and outputing user data between browser sessions with cookies, sessions and XML.

Demo here

Playlist Builder (Node.js, SQL)

Create playlists from SoundCould tracks

My first delve into server-side programming, created in Node.js with express generator and a MySQL database - The playlist builder allows users to create an account and once signed in, the user can build custom playlists of SoundCloud tracks playable through the app.

Check out the code here on GitHub

Caring For Your Child HTML5 App (Node.js, jQueryMobile, SQL)

An informative mobile app aimed at parents

This app was created as part of a 2 person team project. I worked on app development for the project while my team member worked on video development. The app was developed to create a more efficient and interactive form of learning for new parents in contrast to the current "Caring For Your Child" books distributed by the HSE. This project was taken from idea conception through research, UX design, UI design and deployment

Check out the code here on GitHub


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